All of our bags are manufactured in our state of the art factory in Harlow, UK. Set up in 2015 our factory now has the capability to produce 1 million bags per day. 


To make any bag you need paper, We use paper sourced from both National and International  mills.

We only work with globally leading suppliers who have a green initiative in mind.


We use an 8 colour Printer with the latest technology. This allows us to print any logo, design or background the customer require.

All ink used is water base and food contact safe. Free of harmful chemicals and odurs.

Cut & Fold

Our  brand new bag making machinery can turn printed and un-printed  reels into bags of all sizes.

If customers wish they can add windows, wickets, flat or twisted handles. With our technology and expertise the possibilities are endless.



All of the excess and waste paper from our factory goes is carefully separated, bailed and handed over to professional recycling companies who then process the materials and return the material to the production process.

The only waste produced at our factory is household, not one gram of paper or board goes to landfill. 

We pride ourselves on our green initiative.