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Our Bags are produced in our state of the art factories located in the UK and Europe. We source paper from sustainable sources. Our in house slitting capabilities reduce waste to a minimum. If required the reels then go through our flexographic 8 colour presses which print any design with immaculate quality. Finally the paper reels go through are bag making machine which convert them into high quality paper bags, adding flat tape or twisted handles as required.  



To make any bag you need paper, we use paper sourced from both National and International  mills.

We work with globally renown suppliers who have a green initiative in mind.


Paper wastage is a global problem. To reduce our waste and increase productivity our in-house slitters ensure that larger reels are cut down to size and every possible millimetre is used.



Our state of the art 8 colour flexographic press machines can print the most detailed of designs onto a variety of substrates. This takes place at speeds of up to 300 meters per minute. Spectrophotometers ensure that colours are accurately matched.


Machines from some of the worlds leading specialist manufacturers ensure our customers needs are met. Whether they need flat handle bags for groceries or 2 ply block bottoms for popcorn, our machines produce with consistency and ease.



No Paper goes to landfill. We ensure that all production waste paper is disintegrated and then recycled. We work with certified specialists who ensure that we leave as low a carbon footprint as possible.

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